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In the past, when people needed an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen or a new office at home, they would often think about moving to a new house.

But in a depressed housing market properties can be difficult to sell, mortgages almost impossible to obtain, negative equity is a fact of life for many – and the long process of selling and buying a home can seem a daunting prospect.

house-extension Swindon

That is when a new home extension can make great sense financially and will give you the better lifestyle you want very quickly.

But you have probably already made that decision – that is why you are here! So throughout this site we will –

help with some of fundamental question

guide your through the planning and building process

provide answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

encourage you to view similar projects in Swindon and Wiltshire and provide client contact information

and finally- prove our expertise in Home Extensions in Swindon and Wiltshire

Home Extension QuestionsHome Extensions – Fundamental Questions

A single storey or double storey extension?
Where do we place the extension?
Choosing windows and doors to suit your home style
The existing drainage layout and the changes needed
Providing water and electric to the extension in the appropriate places
Ensuring the new extension is warm and well lit
Considering the impact on your homes access, light and parking

the building processHouse Extensions -the Planning and Building Process

Dig the foundations and modify drainage
Construct the outer walls
Construct the roof
Insert the windows and external doors
Build internal partitions and walls
First fix electrics, plumbing, drainage TV and phone
Add required insulation
Finish the walls and plaster
Install heating and ventilation
Second fix of electrics and plumbing
Fit internal doors, coving, skirting and other woodwork
Decorate and finish
Get required certificates

Complete Conversion ServiceThe Complete Home Extension Service in Swindon

And remember, unlike other builders, we do NOT use subcontractors

We build the extension, plaster and insulate, install all plumbing and electrics, decorate throughout, tile the floors & walls and also build any kitchens or storage cupboards.

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