Loft Conversion in Swindon, Wiltshire

loft conversion Swindon

loft conversion Swindon

If you need extra space in your home then a loft or attic conversion can be both more cost effective and easier to achieve than an extension – and it can add up to 30% to your total floor space!

In most homes the loft is wasted space containing  just your cold water storage cistern, chimney stack and some suitcases or boxes with old clothes and papers – and with our expert advice we can show you how to gain an extra bedroom, study or bathrrom – and still have space for storage.

Loft conversions do not normally need planning permission, and as the walls and roof are already in place a loft conversion can be cheaper than an extension – and it could increase the value of your home by 10% to 20%.

However, converting your loft or attic also means you have builders working, and walking through your home every day – so choose carefully and make sure you have a builder with many years of experience of loft conversions in Swindon.

Complete Conversion ServiceThe Complete Loft Conversion Service in Swindon

Unlike many builders of loft conversions, we do NOT use subcontractors

That means you do not have many different contractors walking through your house in all weather.

And you have just one company responsible for the structure, plastering and insulating, plumbing and electrics, decorating, tiling floors & walls and building storage cupboards.

Loft Conversion QuestionsLoft and Attic Conversions – Fundamental Questions

What is the function of the extra rooms (bedroom, bathroom etc.)?
Where will the stairs go?
What kind of windows are suitable?
What about a Mansard roof, Dorma windows or Velux rooflights?
How is insulation provided?
What water, electric and heating do I need?

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Loft and Atiic Conversion SwindonLoft and Attic Conversions – Other Issues

What are the implications of Building Regulations on Fire Safety and escape routes?
How are the building materials taken to the loft?
Do I need special glass in the windows and how do I clean them?

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